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Tuesday, 06 October 2009 07:15

Madhavpur Fair-Gujarat


A visit to Tourism of Gujarat, takes the interested tourist on a journey across the length and breadth of Gujarat, situated in India, so that a selective screening of the charms of Madhavpur fair, can take place. Tourism of Gujarat, offers travel related information about the grand and colorful Madhavpur Fair, in Gujarat, India. Madhavpur Fair, being held in Gujarat, India, is actually held in Madhavpur, which is a small town located near the legendary and historic town of Porbandar, situated in Gujarat, India.


Madhavpur, situated in Gujarat, India, otherwise is a sleepy, silent town, which comes to life when the stirrings of the grand Madhavpur Fair, being held in Madhavpur, Gujarat, India, wake it up from its deep slumber.

Madhavpur also has one of the meditation centers of Osho, where prominent Osho sanyasi Swami Brahm Vedant resides and gives lectures daily. At present time he is making canals for drinking water with the help of other Osho Sanyasis for Madhavpur village


Madhavpur is a small town located 60 kms southwest of historic town Porbandar. Madhvapur Beach is one of the beautiful sandy beaches in Gujarat. Beautiful sandy beaches lined here with coconut trees.Madhavpur Beach , is home to the name of Madhav Raoji. The temple of Madhav Raoji is a cynosure of all eyes along with the Madhavpur Beach. The Haveli temple of Madhavraiji is the chief attraction.It is believed that Lord Krishna had married Rukmini in Madhavpur. The Legend is kept alive by holding a fair on Chaitra Sud 12 every year. There is also a Bethak of Mahaprabhuji as Shri Vallabhachrya who had given discourse on Shrimad Bhagwat for seven days here.

Location info:

Address:,Madhavpur Fair,Porbandar,Gujarat,India
District: Porbandar
Nearest City:Mangarol
Best time to visit: Madhavpur Fair is a colorful fair held at the small town of Madhavpur in Gujarat in the month of Chitra in the Hindu calendar (Mar/Apr).


summer, with noon temperature reaching 43 °C or 109 °F,summer, with noon temperature reaching 43 °C or 109 °F


According to folklore, lord krishna came to this village after kidnapping Rukmini and got married to her at this very place. In the memory of that event, there is a temple built for lord Madhavray. A celebration of this event is held at Madhavpur in memory of this marriage every year in a cultural fair.

Importance of festival:

Madhavpur Fair is a colorful fair held at the small town of Madhavpur in Gujarat in the month of Chitra in the Hindu calendar (Mar/Apr). The fair brings to life the otherwise sleepy town of Madhavpur, which is believed to be the venue of Lord Krishna’s weeding to Rukmini, one of his wives. During the fair Lord Krishna’s marriage is re-enacted by artistes. Attend this fabulous fair with Indian Festival Tours.

Method of Celebration:

Lord Krishna and Rukmini marraige:
Madhavpur, located in Gujarat, India, that Lord Krishna, tied the conjugal knot with Rukmini as one of his many wives and concubines. Madhavpur Fair, being held in Madhavpur, located in Gujarat, India, is an ideal occasion to get an interesting and informative peep inside the lifestyle, culture and mode of living of the Mer Tribals. During the course of the Madhavpur Fair, in Gujarat, India, the Mer tribals re-enact their marriages with their life partners which makes up for an interesting ceremony agog with all the splendor and activity befitting a large fair.

Mobile range info:

How to reach?

Nearest Railway Station::Madhavpur is on Porbandar-Dholar metre gauge and Jamnagar-Junagadh railway line of the Western Railway.
Nearest Airport:Porbandar airport, 60 kms
Road Transport:State transport buses and luxury coaches connect Porbandar to towns and cities of Gujarat.

Culture of festivities:

This fair is held at Madhavpur near Porbandar to celebrate the marriage of Lord Krishna and Rukmini, on the ninth day of the bright half of the month of Chaitra(March/April).

Nearest Visiting places:

Madhavpur Beach:
Endowed with beautiful sandy beaches lined with coconut trees the town of Madhavpur finds mention in antique scriptures for it is believed that Krishna had married Rukmini at this place, and the legend is kept alive by the Mer community by holding a fair on Chaitra Sud 12 every year. The Haveli temple of Madhavraiji is the chief attraction. There is also a Bethak of Mahaprabhuji as Shri Vallabhachrya had given discourse on Shrimad Bhagwad Gita for seven days over here.


Chorwad Beach:
Chorwad Beach in Gujarat, India, is home to a Palace which has now been transformed into a lovable and attractive resort which was constructed in the past by Nawab Saheb Mohabbat Khan, who was the regional satrap of the times. Nawab Saheb Mohabbat Khan, is one person who organized his dog's bizarre weddings, royal banquets and other related royal processions to his own merriment and since then the memories of such a memorably royal past lie embedded in the confines of the Palace Resort on the Chorwad Beach in Gujarat, India. The Daria Mahal Palace is another structure which is considered attractive in the confines of the Chorwad Beach in Gujarat, India. Then, the exquisite Chorwad Beach, also has an association with Mahatma Gandhi.

Somnath Temple:
The temple of Somnath, one of the 12 Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva is situated 79 Kms. from Junagadh and 25 Kms. from Chorwad. According to the legend, Somnath is as old as creation, built by none other than the Moon God himself. The remains of the temple of Somanath "withstood the shocks of time and survived the attacks of destroyers. The temple has imposing architecture and is a beautiful sight facing the blue expanse of the Arabian Sea. A short distance from the Somnath temple is Bakhla Tirth, where Lord Krishna was said to have been struck by the stray arrow of a Bhil tribal. The Present Temple, Kailash Mahameru Prasada is built in the chalukya style of temple architecture and reflects the inherent skill of Sompuras, Gujarat's master masons.

Darbargadh, the fortified palace was built by the Rana Sartanji. This palace has a huge carved stone entrance gate flanked by high turrets and massive wooden doors. It is a typical example of such royal enclosures situated within the town of Gujarat. The nearby edifices on the left of the entrances are also good examples of large mansions with courtyards and intricately carved wooden elements.

Sartanji Choro:
Rana Sartanji built Sartanji Choro, the three storeyed summer pavilion. This palace was built in the Rajput style as a retreat in the middle of the garden. Each side of the garden represent a different reason. The pillars with images of musicians, profusely carved foliated arches and a single dome at the top gives an idea of bygone days, when Rana Sartanji used to compose poems in Braj bhasha, sitting under this pavillion.

Huzoor Palace:
Huzoor Palace is located at the end of Marine Drive, in a huge campus. This sprawling palace is built in the European style with sloping roofs, several wings and big windows, overlooking the sea. The wings are interspersed with the back and front yards which bring nature and the building together by gardens and fountains. The semi-circular porticos with neo-classical pillars, decorated entrance gate and the commanding view makes this palace, a worth visiting place.

Kirti Mandir:
Kirti Mandir, or Temple of Fame, is the cenotaph of the Gaekwads, located in the city of Vadodara.It was built by Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad III to perpetuate the glorious memory of his beloved ancestors. The sun, the moon and the earth in bronze with the undivided map of India adorn the shikhar of Kirti Mandir. Kirti Mandir was built in 1936 as part of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations of Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad III.

Porbandar Beach:
Amongst the many un-spoilt beaches of Gujarat is the beach of Porbandar on the southeast coast in between Veraval and Dwarka. As a seaport on the Arabian Sea Porbandar is picture prefect with the many beautiful beaches and beach villas.

Tara Mandir:
Tara is Gujarati for Stars. Tara Mandir houses a planetorium which is among the first two planetoriums started in India by Shri Jawaharlal Nehru. As of day, it lies in shambles and lacks any state-of-the-art exhibit and infrastructure.

Bharat Mandir:
Bharat Mandir is situated in a beautiful garden opposite the Nehru Planetarium, at Porbandar, in Gujarat. The Mandir features several murals depicting great men and religious preceptors of India. There is a huge relief map of India on the floor inside. The building’s pillars are exquisitely garnished with bas-reliefs of over 100 religious figures and legendary persons from Hindu epics. The six distorting mirrors of its verandah’s are much popular among children.

Sudama Mandir:
The Sudama Mandir in Porbandar holds a lot of historic and religious importance. The temple was constructed in reverence to Sudama the childhood friend and devotee of Lord Krishna. A large number of devotees, especially the newly wed Rajasthani Ksahtriya couples, flock to the place every year.The Sudama Mandir is a beautiful shrine dedicated to Sudama, the best friend and devotee of Lord Krishna. The temple, located in the center of the Porbandar city, is said to be the only temple in India dedicated to this ardent devotee of Lord Krishna.

Nearest Petrol pump:

HP Petrol pump:Madhavpur,Porbandar,Gujarat,India


Musqan Hotel:Mangarol,Junagadh,Gujarat,India


Hotel Kandhali:Madhavpur,Porbandar,Gujarat,India

Help Line/Phone Number:

Police Station:100
Nearest Hospital:Civil Hospital:Madhavpur,Porbandar,Gujarat,India
Society/Community Phone Number:

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