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Fort of St Jerome Daman


Fort of Nani Daman, also known as Fort of St. Jerome, is an impressive structure, located on the northern bank of Daman Ganga in Daman and Diu.It nestles quietly by the Arabian Sea on the West coast of India and proudly proclaims to be one of the most exotic destinations on the west coast of India. There are several fascinating tourist attractions in Daman. Monuments in Daman are frequently visited by travelers who visit this exotic land to seek tranquility. The Fort of St. Jerome or Nani Daman Fort is a popular destination for every tourist during their tour to Daman. The most noticeable part of the fort is the massive gateway facing the river with a large statue of St. Jerome who was one of the most renowned priests of the Catholic Church.


As you enter the complex of Daman Fort of St.Jerome you shall first notice the opulent gateway facing the river with a large statue of St. Jerome who was one of the most renowned priests of the Catholic Church. St. Jerome, who was born Eusebius Hieronymous Sophronius, was the most scholarly of the Fathers of the Western Church. He was born about the year 342 at Stridonius, a small town at the head of the Adriatic. The principal building inside the fort is the impressive Church of Our Lady of the Sea.

This Catholic Church is one of the earliest seats of office and has an excellent altar with superb paneling. The ramparts are a good place from which to take a clear view of the fish market and small fishing fleet which anchors alongside. To the north is a Jain Temple whose inside walls are covered with glassed-over 18th century murals that portray the life of Mahavira, the founder of Jainism. Mahavira was born in 599 B.C. He lived for 72 years. He discarded family life in 569 B.C. He attained omniscience in 557 B.C. and entered into Nirvana in 527 B.C. He was the last Tirthankara. Mahavira lived a life of complete truthfulness, a life of perfect honesty and a life of absolute chastity.


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Address:St Jerome fort,Daman.Gujrat,India
District: Daman
Nearest City: Mumbai
Best time to visit: October to May


Summer:39 °C - 18 °C,Winter:20 °C - 11 °C


Started in 1614 AD, after the Mughal Invasion, by the 12th Portuguese Viceroy of India, Dom Jeronimo de Azevado it got completed in the time of Dom Franciso de Gama in 1672 AD. The small fort with a giant gateway facing the river with a large statue of St.Jerome and two giant human figures, on either side of the gateway encloses an area of 12250 sq.m. The fort encloses a church. Our Lady of the Sea (now used as a school) and a cemetery. The view of the small fishing fleet which anchors alongside from the fort is interesting.

Interesting things to do:

This union territory of Daman is particularly popular with the people of surrounding state of Gujarat for a very special reason and that is liquor. As the surrounding parts of Gujarat have been declared dry or no liquor zones. Daman offers a paradise for those who are interested in drinking India's finest scotch whiskey or trying there hands on the local drink of feni. Streets of Daman are lined with endless bars.

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Lighthouse is basically built for an aid for navigation and pilot age at sea; a lighthouse is a tower building or framework sending out light from a system of lamps and lenses or, in older times, from a fire. Lighthouses are generally used to mark hazardous coastlines, dangerous shoals away from the coast, and safe entries to harbors and can also help in aerial navigation. Because of contemporary electronic navigational aids, the number of operational lighthouses has declined to less than 1,500 worldwide. Despite all, Lighthouse in Daman continues to be an important landmark in Daman.


Moti Fort:
Moti Daman Fort in Daman features among one of the popular monuments in Daman. Touted as the popular tourist attractions of Daman, the place is characterized by a dream-like ambience. The construction of Daman’s Moti Daman Fort is credited to the Portuguese who built up their settlement at this place. One can expect to delight in mesmerizing and breathtaking views across the river to Nani Daman from the bulwarks near the lighthouse.

Nani Fort:
There are diverse types of tourist attractions in Daman. All are marked with distinct features and have something unique to offer to the eyes of the beholder. On tour to Daman after visiting each of the famous stop you will also acknowledge the same. However the common element that will be found predominant in all is the dash of Portuguese colonial charm. Somehow or the other each site will carry you back in time of the colonial legacy of Portuguese rule. On browsing through the magnificent sites, you will mostly be attracted to the monuments in Daman. The special feature of the Daman monuments is that they all are graced with invaluable architectural patterns. This apart, sprawling over the wide expanse of the land, they feature a conglomeration of different sightseeing spots. The very good and most suited example in this case is Nani Daman Fort in Daman.

Kadaiya Lake:
The Daman Kadaiya Lake Garden is also known as Mirasol Lake Garden. It is located near Kadaiya village in Nani Daman. The most fascinating fact about this garden is that it is an artificially created wonder. Near this garden a picturesque lake can also be sighted. This apart, dotted with sparkling fountains and boats, this garden is a perfect retreat to enjoy pleasurable vacations in Daman.

Jetty Garden:
The Jetty Garden in Daman is very elegantly and tastefully designed. Sitting at the stunning bank of Daman Ganga River, this attractive garden holds the attention of the onlookers with its exotic arrangements that essentially comprise of beautiful fountains, seats facing the sparkling river and well laid out lawns.The Daman Jetty Garden is indeed the best of all the gardens to bask in leisure stroll and enjoy evening to the maximum. For children it has amazing fun rides that keep them busy all through the day. For you it has landscaped expanse that not only will soothe your eyes but soul too. It is a perfect gateway for all the age group to expect wonderful moments during vacations in Daman.

Devka Beach:
Devka Beach, Daman can easily compete with the other spectacular beaches that India boasts of. Daman boasts of some amazing beaches that have the potential of seducing even the most discerning of beach lovers. Daman, the capital of the Union territory of Daman and Diu, is itself a charming holiday destination. Add to it’s the enchantment of the mesmerizing beaches and there is no way one can dismiss the call of this idyllic place. is the treasure trove of all the usable inputs on the beaches in Daman.

Jampore Beach:
There are few beaches that can boast of sublime solitude and Jampore Beach in Daman is primary among them. If you are one of those restful types who would rather laze around the beach or enjoy a casual saunter, Daman’s Jampore Beach is ideally suited for you. However if your active self revolts against your sluggishness, you can enjoy a relaxing swim. Jampore Beach, Daman is ideally suited for swimming. The low risk factor acts as a major lure for the swimmers. During low tide, you can feel the smooth and wet sand below your feet and enjoy a walk right into the sea. If you are traveling with family and friends, then a picnic under the cool shade of Casuarina trees is an absolute must.

Church of our Lady of the Rosary:
Dating back to 17th century, Daman Church of our Lady of the Rosary is a real feast for eyes. On tour to Daman you must come to this chapel. Here you will get to relish the spectacular wood work. The ceiling in this chapel is adorned with beautiful rose petals colored in hundreds of colors. Its beauty and splendor is further enhanced and enriched with golden cherubs that bring benediction. Other magnificent feature of this chapel is the illustrations of the stories from the lives of the holy saints. This part is projected on the lateral walls of the Apse. It is held that this piece of work claims most reputed position among the works done under Portuguese influence in India in the 16th century.

Dominican Monastery:
Daman Dominican Monastery is a representation of historic ruins. This monastery saw a massive downfall which till date escapes any logical explanation and strong interpretation. Today this bundle of remains bears a testimony to its own glorious past. On arriving at this site, you will completely be mesmerized by the sight of the beautifully engraved floral stone that dots the abode of the main altar.

Se Cathedral:
The Se Cathedral had been renovated in the recent past. Every tourist who visits this particular cathedral is sure to get spellbound by its grandeur and sublimity of art. This cathedral is also celebrated for its altar which is adorned magnificently and catches the attention of even the listless tourist. Apart from the regular tourists, a lot of local people also come to this cathedral to hear the sermons and offer their prayers. The architecture of Se Cathedral in Daman is aesthetic and a landmark in itself. The magnificent Gothic art of the 17th century visible at this cathedral would captivate you for sure.

Jain Temple:
Jain temple in Daman is located to the northern region of the very impressive and famous Nani Daman fort. The specialty of this temple is exquisitely and intricately designed and decorated inner walls. The walls have very elegant glass cover. The glass covers have 18th century murals. These murals represent the life of Mahavir Swami. Mahavir Swami is considered to be the founder of Jainism.

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Nearest Railway Station:vapi railway station
Nearest Airport:Mumbai,airport
Road Transport:Daman is well connected by roads. It is located at a distance of 367 km from Ahmedabad and is easily accessible by road.

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Udvada, near Surat is celebrated for being a very sacred place among the Parsis and is a small sleepy village which is located in the southern coast of Gujarat. It is as important to the Parsis as is Haridwar for the Hindus, Mecca for the Muslims and Vatican City for the Christians. A large number of Parsis flock here every year, both from within the country and from abroad. It was here that the victorious fire or Atash Behram was brought from Persia by the Parsis in the 18th century. This fire is placed in a temple which is strictly meant for the Parsis. As a result, the non-Parsis are not allowed to enter here. This place can be visited from outside. Peace and bliss pervades here that simply enthralls the visitors who come from far and wide.


Sanjan was one of the primary Parsi settlements in India. A number of excavations carried out in Surat's Sanjan have thrown a new light on the momentous episode of the flight of the Zoroastrians from Iran, about 1,400 years ago. According to the popular belief Surat's Sanjan was founded by the Zoroastrians who took shelter here after they were compelled to flee Iran. The progeny of those Zoroastrians are, at present, known as the Parsis.

This hill station is situated in Dang district at the southeast corner of the state. It has an altitude of 1000m. This place has the Sarpagana river flowing nearby which has a sacred snake image on its banks. Saputara -literally, the Abode of Serpents-is Gujarat's best-known hill resort, situated atop the second highest plateau in the Sahyadri range and in the midst of thick forests. Saputara is picture postcard perfect with lakes, streams, woodlands and hills.

A large number of tourists from the different places of the country come to have a look at Navsari close to Surat. Several people from the Parsi origin also come here to see this site as this was the first dwelling place of the Parsis who migrated to Gujarat. The excellence of the Parsi architecture can be well understood from the various edifices of this place that are built in the authentic Parsi style. The Parsi Vad is one such structure that has become a heritage site and attracts a lot of tourists. Being one of the important tourist attractions in Surat, Navsari is also popular for its various types of Zoroastrian arts, crafts, food items and many other such items.

Palitana houses perhaps the largest cluster of Jain temples anywhere. From the base to the peak of the Shatrunjaya Hill, where the Palitana temples are located, there are in all 863 temples. These temples were built in two phases-the 11th and 12th centuries as a part of the resurgence of temple building all over India, and in the 16th century. Some of the earliest temples built in the 11th century were destroyed by Muslim invaders in the 14th and 15th centuries. The current temples date back to 16th century onwards. Not any one person or group was responsible for the construction of these magnificent temples. It was the effort of the wealthy businessmen who were followers of Jainism that these buildings came into existence.

Narmada river:
The Narmada river originates from the Maikal ranges at Amarkantak, 1057 m above the sea-level, now in Shahdol district of Madhya Pradesh. In its 1312 km long journey before joining the Arabian Sea, the Narmada flows through the three states of Madhya Pradesh (MP), Maharashtra and Gujarat. Nearly 90% of the flow is in MP, and most of the remaining is in Gujarat. It flows for a very brief stretch through Maharashtra.

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HP Petrol Pump:Valsad,Gujarat,India


IBP Petrol Pump:Bazaars in Daman,Gujrat,India


Miramar Hotel:Daman,Gujrat,Inia,Ph:0260 2250671


Fortune Hotel Galaxy:Vapi,Gujrat,India,Ph:0260 22545454

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Police Station:100
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Haria Rotary Hospital:Daman,Gujarat,India
civil hospital:Valsad,Gujarat,India
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Nearest Attraction

Sanjan Nearest Surat
Surat known as Silk City Diamond City is located in western part of India in the state of Gujarat.Surat situated on the left bank of the Tapi River . Surat is second largest city in Gujarat and ninth largest in India.Surat is famous for its textile and diamond businesses. Three quarters of the world's diamonds are cut and polished in Surat.If history interests you, then a trip to Surat Sanjan is what you would cherish for the rest of your life. Since February 2002, excavation work is in full swing in Sanjan. Among the ancient relics unearthed were human skeletons, coins, shards of pottery, beads and glasses. The praiseworthy initiative was taken by the World Zarathusti Cultural foundation and the project was jointly sponsored by the ASI and the Indian Council for Historical Research. The articled that were thrown up during the excavations are capable of providing valuable insights into the early history of the Parsis....more
Lighthouse Daman
Daman is about 12km south west from vapi railway station on Mumbai surat section.there is a metalled road connecting daman ganga river entrance in moti daman. Daman was under dharampur state till 1465. after that it was under different muslim rulers. The Portuguese occupied the territory in 1559 and kept under their control till December 1961. they had built a circular masonry lighthose tower on the bastion of the fort wall in 1887 close to damanganga creek enterence.a wick lamp was exhibited . from this tower. In this year 1933 an optic was introduced....more
Moti Daman Fort Daman
The Moti Fort that runs round the settlement like a girdle dates back to 1559 AD. This structure in the present form encompasses about 30,000 sq mts. with 10 bastions and two gateways. The fort is protected by a moat on the land side and also connects the river to the sea. It is basically polygonal in plan with projections at regular intervals of about 500 feet and carrying splayed angular bastions. The parapet above the fortification walls is without merinos but is provided with loop holes.The terraces close to the top of the wall are connected to the inner ground surface by open flight of steps at many places. All along the inner wall there are barracks for defense personals....more
Nani Daman Fort Daman
The Nani Daman Fort in Daman is one of the most spectacular sites in Daman.It has elegantly laid out high stone walls. It surrounds an area of 1250 sqmeters. Its 3 bastions and 2 gateways are the excellent sights to behold Of these however the one which holds an unwavering attention is the mammoth gateway facing the river with a huge statue of St Jerome and 2 gigantic human figures on both the sides of the gateway. This apart, you will also come across the impressive church of Our Lady of the Sea which is the principal building in the premises of the Fort and boasts of refined paneling.There are diverse types of tourist attractions in Daman. All are marked with distinct features and have something unique to offer to the eyes of the beholder. On tour to Daman after visiting each of the famous stop you will also acknowledge the same....more


Jetty Garden Daman
Daman is located on the west coast of India. It is encircled by Valsad district of Gujarat on the north, east and south and the Arabian Sea to the west. Sitting at the opening of the Daman Ganga River, this gorgeous city boasts of salubrious weather all round the year. In fact the season of summer is also very soothing and pleasing as the cool breeze passing through the Arabian Sea fills the ambience here.The topography of this city is absolutely enchanting and it is due to this reason that tourism in Daman is flourishing with the passage of time. Along with this natural factors other things that add an impetus to the growth of the tourism in Daman is the tourist attractions of which gardens in Daman are highly acknowledged for their beauty....more


Kadaiya Lake Garden
There are many superlatives that can be added before the name of the city Daman. It is no doubt beautiful, stunning, vibrant and sparkling paradise on the earth and reflects the glory of the 1st century AD. The best part of this city is that it can be visited any time in the year. However more specifically the months spreading between October and May are considered to be the perfect period to seek pleasure here. During this span of time, weather remains very cool and soothing and most encouraging to taste the local delicacies of the region.Daman you are also suggested to take sightseeing trip to the exotic locations of the city of which gardens in Daman are must to visit....more