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Diu Beach


Located at a distance of 125km from Junagarh, the island of Diu is one of the finest beaches in the Saurashtra coast of Gujarat. Its soft sandy beach with swaying palm trees and fantastic forts, churches make it one of the most beautiful beach holiday destination in Gujarat. The island of Diu was a Portuguese colony and a major port for maritime trade during 14th and 16th century.


Diu beach is situated off the Saurashtra coast and is connected to the state of Gujarat via a causeway. Diu is a secluded island and does not have much population. This makes it the place ideal for a serene vacation, away from the worries of daily life. Diu Beach is a perfect blend of sun, sand and sea. The captivating scenic beauty of the place is popular not only in India, but the world over. As the sea is not too deep here, you can enjoy swimming in the crystal clear water.

The joy of solitude and serenity is best felt at the soft soothing sand of the Jampore Beach.Swimming and picnic at the Casurina plantation are perfect plans for holidaying.Nani Daman offers a bouquet of tourist attractions like the Gandhi Park, Daman Fort, the Church and a fishing dock.Close by is Moti Daman that is a treasure trove of monuments and ancient structures. Here you must check out the lovely lighthouse.Daman and Diu Beach India - In Diu the Chakratirth beach is a must visit with its open-air auditorium and changing rooms.
The landscape gardens and the illuminated hills are a big draw at Chakratirth beach of Diu.

Location info:

District: Diu
Nearest City: Una
Best time to visit: October to April


Summer months varies from 30 Deg C to 34 Deg C


Diu is a tiny island which is surrounded by golden sand beaches and dense palm-groves. It was in past days a Portuguese colony which was a sea port and a Naval Base serve as fitting backdrop.In 1961 Daman and Diu become one of most important Union territories of India. But before that it was under the rule of Portuguese rule. The tourism of Daman suggests about its attractive tourist destinations such as beaches, Old Portuguese forts, churches,

Interesting things to do:

Come and enjoy your beach holidays at the twin islands of Daman and Diu located on the western coast of the Indian peninsula. The beaches of Daman and Diu are a heady mix of cushy sands, clusters of coconut palms and ancient monuments-a heady blend of natural beauty and historical traditions. The Daman beaches attract beachcombers from all over the world.

Interesting things to Visit:

A visit to Daman Beach and an attendant visit to Indian Beach Tours offers a golden opportunity to the tourists to unravel the delights of the Daman Beach, situated in Gujarat, India. Indian Beach Tours, offers information that Daman was a center of Portuguese rule till 1961 A.D. and the beach happens to be a swimmer's paradise, and very popular with sunbathers, beachcombers and other people who want to leave behind the hurly burly of the cities. Daman Beach is a picturesque paradise.


Diu Fort:
Diu Fort, a prominent and imposing monument in Diu District, was constructed between 1535 and 1541 as the result of a defense alliance between the king of Gujarat and the Portuguese. It is enfolded by the Arabian Sea on three sides.The fort has a huge structure that houses a lighthouse. A couple of mounds of iron shells from its strife-ridden past can be seen even today in these premises. Some canons have also survived. The main front wall has five huge windows with stone galleries. The fort, often shrouded in mist, is a gorgeous sight. A picturesque view of the sea can be had from here.

Chakratirth Beach:
Chakratirth Beach, Diu enjoys a central location and lies adjacent to the town. Chakratirth Beach in Diu is a favorite beach getaway for both the domestic and the international tourist. The beach provides the opportunity to break away from the shackles of monotony and soak of up the fun. If you are the lover of sea, sand and surf, you can’t ignore Chakratirth Beach, Diu. The sunbathers would love to lie straight on their back and forgetting the cares and worries associated with the fretful world. You would not be in the mind to trade the world in exchange for your moment of blissful solitude.

Amidst the swaying palm trees and the cool breeze you shall enjoy lazing around the deserted environs of Diu Nagoa Beach. A palm-fringed, largely deserted and secluded beach, Nagoa Beach, Diu is one of the most beautiful beaches in India. Just twenty minutes invigorating drive from Diu will ferry you to Nagoa Beach which with a stretch of about 2 kms from one end to another is extraordinarily beautiful .The unique shoe-shape of the beach makes it more beautiful. A swim in the water of this virgin beach is most refreshing one.

Devka Beach:
Devka Beach, Daman can easily compete with the other spectacular beaches that India boasts of. Daman boasts of some amazing beaches that have the potential of seducing even the most discerning of beach lovers. Daman, the capital of the Union territory of Daman and Diu, is itself a charming holiday destination. Add to it’s the enchantment of the mesmerizing beaches and there is no way one can dismiss the call of this idyllic place. is the treasure trove of all the usable inputs on the beaches in Daman.

Jampore Beach:
There are few beaches that can boast of sublime solitude and Jampore Beach in Daman is primary among them. If you are one of those restful types who would rather laze around the beach or enjoy a casual saunter, Daman’s Jampore Beach is ideally suited for you. However if your active self revolts against your sluggishness, you can enjoy a relaxing swim. Jampore Beach, Daman is ideally suited for swimming. The low risk factor acts as a major lure for the swimmers. During low tide, you can feel the smooth and wet sand below your feet and enjoy a walk right into the sea. If you are traveling with family and friends, then a picnic under the cool shade of Casuarina trees is an absolute must.

Nani Daman:
Nani Daman offers a bouquet of tourist attractions like the Gandhi Park, Daman Fort, the Church and a fishing dock. Near by is Moti Daman that is a treasured land of monuments and ancient structures. You must visit the lovely lighthouse here.

Portuguese Fort:
Portuguese Fort in Diu was constructed on the ruins of another fortress, built by the Arab Governor Malekhyaaz ­around 1400 AD, which in turn was built over a still earlier fort dating back to 700 AD. At the end of the Fort Road is the Portuguese Fort PraSa-de-Diu (29 m) built in 1535-41, standing like a guard on the east. In ravages of time, the Diu Portuguese Fort is now in ruins. A few cannon balls are scattered here and there. Above all, the last blow came when the Indian Army mounted Operation Vijoy in 1961.

Diu Fortim-do-Mar is one of the very magnificent and unique sites to visit in Diu. This famous monument has an excellent stone structure. Standing right at the opening of the creek, this monument boasts of a fabulous lighthouse and small chapel consecrated to Our Lady of the Sea. It is almost a nautical mile away from the Diu jetty and is accessible by a canoe or a motor launch.

Naida Caves:
Naida caves, Diu are located outside the city wall of the Diu Fort, which was constructed by the Portuguese. The caves feature a big network of tunnels with square hewn steps, which is yet to be fully explored. It is believed that the Portuguese during their reign hacked building materials from these caves. You can reach Naida caves in Diu through Delwada which is the nearest railway station. The place is also well connected by road. provides all the requisite inputs on the tourist attractions in Diu.

Zampa Gateway:
he tourists are sure to get enchanted by the sublime art and architecture of this lovely gateway which has the carvings of the lions, angels and also a priest. One will also come across a chapel which has the inscription that dates back to the year 1702. The Zampa Gateway in Diu takes us back into the yesteryears. It also reminds us of the art and architecture that the people of the erstwhile period used to incorporate to express their reverence or likeness for something. In fact, this gateway is a landmark among the forts and monuments in Diu. There is also an artificial waterfall at this place which would enthrall you for sure.

Diu Museum:
Apart from the lovely beaches of Diu, tourists can also visit the Museums in Diu. These museums play host to a lot of interesting things, facts and evidences that correlate the past episodes with the present day. Amongst the museums in Diu, a notable name is that of Diu Museum, Diu. Diu Museum in Diu takes us back into the historic era when it was under the rule of the Portuguese.

Church of St Francis of Assisi:
There are many tourist attractions in Diu. All the tourist attractions own some unique feature and differ from each other on the virtue of their appearance. The common factor that dominates them all is the refined architectural patterns. It is owing to this reason that numerous travelers visit this part of India to bask in Portuguese colonial charm as expressed through certain motifs in the structure or the style in which they are molded. Definitely the best example to relish the Portuguese glory is monuments. But there are some very famous holy places in Diu that too account for these. One of these is Church of St Francis of Assisi in Diu.

St Thomas Church:
Diu is not only renowned for its exotic beaches. Even the Holy Places in Diu are worth a visit. These places are architectural wonders that would enthrall the tourists for sure. Among the various Holy Places in Diu, the one that catches the attention of many tourists is the St Thomas Church in Diu. This church is a rare instance of the sublimity of art that really catches the attention of every art connoisseur. So, this tourist attraction should not be missed out at any cost.


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How to reach?

Nearest Railway Station:Veraval,railway Station
Nearest Airport:Daman Airport
Road Transport:Diu is well connected with major cities of Gujarat and Maharashtra

Nearest Visiting places:

Chorwad Beach:
Chorwad , a small fishing village is a great place to enjoy. Chorwad is famous for rocky shores and boat riding. It is also a base to visit places like Porbandar, Somnath etc. A resort is there which was previously a palace built by Nawab Saheb Mohabbat Khan as a vacation spot on hot summer days where he held weddings of his dogs, royal banquets and processions amidst cool breezes from the sea. Porbandar the historic princely state on the shores of the Arabian Sea is famous for being the birthplace of the Father of The Nation, Mahatma Gandhi. His old residence Kirti mandir is now a memorial museum having a series of memorabalia and library. The Daria Mahal Palace facing the sea, is a delightful work of architecture.


Gopnath by sea is just 80km from Bhavnagar, which has daily flights from Mumbai and overnight trains from Ahmedabad. It was the summer home of Maharaja Krishna Kumar Singhji of Bhavnagar 75 kms from Bhavnagar, Gopnath is well connected by rail and bus to Ahmedabad. The breathtakingly beautiful sea coast with it's spectacular limestone cliffs and great views, sea breezes and colourful birdlife, must have made an excellent break from the city during the summer months.
The Gopnath beach has firm sands for walking and shallow shore waters for wading. But the high tidal difference of the coast, makes the water murky and not very inviting for a long swim. Gopnath is the base for some spectacular sightseeing. Talja a jain temple spiralling on a 350 foot high volcanic hill, Alang- world's largest ship breaking zone. Besides this one can enjoy shopping for furniture, food stuff, crockery, utensils, textiles, home appliances salvaged from the ships. The 700 year old Gopnath temple is perhaps the only one in India with flags of 2 colours a white flag denoting a Vishnu temple and a saffron flag representing a Shiva temple.

Somnath temple:
The temple of Somnath, one of the 12 Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva is situated 79 Kms. from Junagadh and 25 Kms. from Chorwad. According to the legend, Somnath is as old as creation, built by none other than the Moon God himself. The remains of the temple of Somanath "withstood the shocks of time and survived the attacks of destroyers. The temple has imposing architecture and is a beautiful sight facing the blue expanse of the Arabian Sea. A short distance from the Somnath temple is Bakhla Tirth, where Lord Krishna was said to have been struck by the stray arrow of a Bhil tribal. The Present Temple, Kailash Mahameru Prasada is built in the chalukya style of temple architecture and reflects the inherent skill of Sompuras, Gujarat's master masons.

Girnar Hill:
Girnar is one of the holiest places in Gujarat, situated near Junagadh at a distance of 327 from Ahmedabad. It is a holy place and an important pilgrimage for both Hindus and Jains. There are a number of temples located here, which have converted it into a township of temples. Amidst the lush green Gir Forest, the mountain range serves as the hub of religious activity. Apart from this, there is a mosque attracting many Muslim pilgrims to the place. This has made Girnar a perfect example of unity in diversity in India.

Sasan gir national park:
The Sasan Gir Lion Sanctuary lies on the southwestern fringes of the Saurashtra Peninsula. The sanctuary is home to some 300 Asiatic lions. The sanctuary was created in 1913 to provide protection to the largest surviving groups of the Asiatic lions. It was given the status of the sanctuary in 1965. The vegetation of the sanctuary consists of teak and deciduous trees including Sal (Shorea), Dhak (Butea frondosa) and Thorn Forests. The forest has a rugged terrain with steep rocky hillsides. There are A few springs also, but their flow generally depend upon the season.

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Hotel Ankur: Jethibai Bus Stand,Gujrat,India


Hotel Kohinoor:Bus Stand,Gujrat,India.

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Police Station:100
Nearest Hospital:
Atmaram Jog Memorial Hospital:Diu,Gujrat,India
Shrimati Ramaben General Hospital:Diu,Gujrat,India
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Dynamic View

Zampa Gateway Diu
Located at the southern border of the state of Gujarat off the Saurashtra coast bordering Junagadh district is the Union Territory of Daman and Diu. A colony held by the Portuguese for a long period even after India got independence Daman and Diu became a part of the erstwhile Union Territory of Goa Daman and Diu in 1961. When Goa was conferred with statehood in 1987 Daman and Diu became a separate Union Territory.Diu was an erstwhile Portuguese colony. It still has many monuments and architectures that reflect the typical Portuguese style. There are many Forts and Monuments in Diu that are big draws for the tourists. However, the most prominent one among them is the Zampa Gateway in Diu. This is the most visited place among the other Tourist Attractions in Diu. This is a majestic monument that enthralls the guests with its charisma....more
Portugese Fort Diu
Diu is dotted all around green with palmyra coconut tamarisk and the hoka trees. The Portuguese had carried the hoka to India from Africa. The plantain, guava and custard apple trees are spotted all over the island. Fishing is the main livelihood of the people of Diu. Rum is also made of sugarcane. The outstanding Portuguese fort in Diu better known as the Fortem do Mar at the eastern tip of the island is the most arresting reminder of the times. Within the fortress walls you can see piles of old cannonballs, some of which are used as borders for the striking gard enbeds in the fort interior compound. is your indispensable eguide to the tourist attractions in Diu....more
Fortim do Mar Diu
The island of Diu an erstwhile Portuguese colony, is situated off the Saurashtra coast of Gujarat bordering Junagadh district. The other equally beautiful beaches are Ahmedpur, Mandvi,Chakratirath, Jallandhar, and Gomtimata all having their own charm and thrill.The word Diu is derived from the Sanskrit word Dweep. During the period from the 14th to 16th century Diu was one of the best Sea Ports and a Naval base.Diu Fortim-do-Mar is one of the very magnificent and unique sites to visit in Diu. This famous monument has an excellent stone structure. Standing right at the opening of the creek, this monument boasts of a fabulous lighthouse and small chapel consecrated to Our Lady of the Sea. It is almost a nautical mile away from the Diu jetty and is accessible by a canoe or a motor launch....more
Diu Museum
Diu Museum, formerly St Thomas Church, is situated in Diu District, Daman and Diu.Apart from the lovely beaches of Diu, tourists can also visit the Museums in Diu. These museums play host to a lot of interesting things, facts and evidences that correlate the past episodes with the present day. Amongst the museums in Diu, a notable name is that of Diu Museum, Diu. Diu Museum in Diu takes us back into the historic era when it was under the rule of the Portuguese.Diu Museum displays a wide range of artifacts including stone idols, wooden carvings, antic statues and inscriptions. This Museum of Diu Island also unfolds the Portuguese era in this region.Diu Museum features a wide range of artifacts pertaining to the past history of this island of western India. One of the most visited Diu Island attractions, the museum unveils the historic era, when the territory was rule by the Portuguese....more