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Gopnath Beach


A visit to Gopnath Beach is all what is required by a tourist and traveler who is on a jamboree to discover the delights of Gujarat and especially its divinely picturesque, scenic and resplendent seafront in the form of its various beatific beaches. Gopnath Beach in Gujarat, India, is one such place and travel destination which is popular amongsst the people and the various tourists visiting the beatific and enrapturing beach in Gujarat, India.

Gopnath town in Gujarat, India, was the place of residence of Maharaja Krishna Singhji, at a distance of 75 kilometers from the city of Bhavnagar in Gujarat, India. Gopnath Town in Gujarat, India, is located near the Gopnath Beach in Gujarat, India, with the Gopnath Beach being profusely supplied with a dainty and colorful birdlife along with the presence of limestone cliffs and other adjuncts to the Gopnath Beach like a pleasurable sea breeze and breathtakingly beautiful views to enthrall the tourists who come down to the Gopnath Beach in Gujarat, India, in the hot summer months to get some relaxation from the sultry, trying and immobilizing heat.

Gopnath was the summer home of Maharaja Krishna Kumar Singhji of Bhavnagar.75 kms from Bhavnagar, Gopnath is well connected by rail and bus to Ahmedabad.The breathtakinglybeautiful sea coast with it’s spectacular limestone cliffsand great views, sea breezes and colourful birdlife, must havemade an excellent break from the city during the summer months.The Gopnath beach has lovely, firm, sands for walking and shallow shore waters for wading,but the high tidal difference of the coast, makes the water murky and not very inviting fora long swim. Gopnath is the base for some spectacular sightseeing.

Location info:

Address:Gopnath Beach,Gujrat,India
District: Bhavnagar
Nearest City: Talaja
Best time to visit: October to March


Summer months varies from 30 Deg C to 34 Deg C,Winter months varies from 25Deg C to 5.0Deg C


Gopnath Beach being profusely supplied with a dainty and colorful birdlife along with the presence of limestone cliffs and other adjuncts to the Gopnath Beach like a pleasurable sea breeze and breathtakingly beautiful views to enthrall the tourists who come down to the Gopnath Beach. It also houses the world"s biggest ship breaking zone and along with that there is the sacred presence of the Talja temple, which is built on a 350 feet high Volcanic hill.

Interesting things to do:

Come and enjoy your beach holidays at the twin islands of Gopalnath Beach

Interesting things to Visit:

Nagoa Beach:
Nagoa Beach is located in the Nagoa hamlet of the Bucharwada village in Diu. Diu Island lies on the offshore of Gujarat mainland, yet it has the feeling of being on a Mediterranean island. Nagoa Beach stretches for about 2 km from one end to the other. This long, palm-fringed beach is very beautiful and quiet and is in the horse-shoe shape. This beach is one of the most beautiful, white sanded, crescent shaped beach and perfect for swimming, wading, relaxing and for water sports like jet skiing, knee board surfing, pony and camel riding.


Ghoghla Beach:
Ghoghla Beach is one of the most beautiful beach in Diu. This beach also offers various water sports facilities like parasailing etc.

Gomtimata Beach:
Gomtimata Beach is located on the western end of the Diu island. This is one of the best beaches of the region, long and secluded and spread with natural white sand.

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How to reach?

Nearest Railway Station:Bhavngar railway station
Nearest Airport:Bhavnagar airport
Road Transport:Well connected by rail and bus to Ahmedabad, Gopnath

Nearest Visiting places:

Somnath temple:
The temple of Somnath, one of the 12 Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva is situated 79 Kms. from Junagadh and 25 Kms. from Chorwad. According to the legend, Somnath is as old as creation, built by none other than the Moon God himself. The remains of the temple of Somanath "withstood the shocks of time and survived the attacks of destroyers. The temple has imposing architecture and is a beautiful sight facing the blue expanse of the Arabian Sea. A short distance from the Somnath temple is Bakhla Tirth, where Lord Krishna was said to have been struck by the stray arrow of a Bhil tribal. The Present Temple, Kailash Mahameru Prasada is built in the chalukya style of temple architecture and reflects the inherent skill of Sompuras, Gujarat's master masons.


Girnar Hill:
Girnar is one of the holiest places in Gujarat, situated near Junagadh at a distance of 327 from Ahmedabad. It is a holy place and an important pilgrimage for both Hindus and Jains. There are a number of temples located here, which have converted it into a township of temples. Amidst the lush green Gir Forest, the mountain range serves as the hub of religious activity. Apart from this, there is a mosque attracting many Muslim pilgrims to the place. This has made Girnar a perfect example of unity in diversity in India.

Sasan gir national park:
The Sasan Gir Lion Sanctuary lies on the southwestern fringes of the Saurashtra Peninsula. The sanctuary is home to some 300 Asiatic lions. The sanctuary was created in 1913 to provide protection to the largest surviving groups of the Asiatic lions. It was given the status of the sanctuary in 1965. The vegetation of the sanctuary consists of teak and deciduous trees including Sal (Shorea), Dhak (Butea frondosa) and Thorn Forests. The forest has a rugged terrain with steep rocky hillsides. There are A few springs also, but their flow generally depend upon the season.

Madhavpur Beach:
Madhavpur is a small town located 60 kms southwest of historic town Porbandar. Madhvapur Beach is one of the beautiful sandy beaches in Gujarat. Beautiful sandy beaches lined here with coconut trees.Madhavpur Beach , is home to the name of Madhav Raoji. The temple of Madhav Raoji is a cynosure of all eyes along with the Madhavpur Beach. The Haveli temple of Madhavraiji is the chief attraction.

Porbandar Beach:
Sandwiched in between Veraval and Dwarka the beautiful Porbandar beach is located on the Southeast coast of Gujarat, West India. An ancient seaport adds to the glory of the lovely Porbandar beach. Porbandar's claim to fame lies in the fact that Mahatma Gandhi was born in this part of Gujarat, India.A walk along the Porbandar beach refreshes your mind, body and soul. Watch the flamingos and other shore birds going about their daily activities in a playful manner, gaze at the vast panorama from the hills located nearby,

Diu Beach:
Diu beach is situated off the Saurashtra coast and is connected to the state of Gujarat via a causeway. Diu is a secluded island and does not have much population. This makes it the place ideal for a serene vacation, away from the worries of daily life. Diu Beach is a perfect blend of sun, sand and sea. The captivating scenic beauty of the place is popular not only in India, but the world over. As the sea is not too deep here, you can enjoy swimming in the crystal clear water.

Nearest Petrol Pump:

HP petrol pump:Bhavnagar,Gujrat,India


Chitra petrol pump:Bhavnagar,Gujrat,India


Hotel Blue Hill:Bhavnagar,Gujrat,India


Hotel Apollo:Bhavnagar, Gujarat,India

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Police Station:100
Nearest Hospital:
Sir T Hospital:Bhavnagar, Gujarat,India
Dholakia hospital:Bhavnagar, Gujarat,India
Society/Community Phone Number:


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Nearest Attraction

Palitana Jain Temples
Palitana is situated at a distance of 51 km from Bhavnagar and serves as an important Jain pilgrimage of Gujarat. The Shatrunjay Hill loacted nearby the place hosts approximately 900 big and small Jain Temples. These temples are dedicated to the 24 Jain Tirthankarars. Apart from this, the significance of the place dates back to the Mahabharata era of India. It is said that three Pandavas, Yudhishthir, Bheem & Arjun got Nirvana here. Therefore, it is known as Siddhakshetra, where one attains Moksha, amongst Jain devotees.....more
Arts And Crafts Museum
Arts and Crafts Museum, established in 1963, is situated at Bhavnagar, in Gujarat. The museum exhibits a rich collection of arts and crafts objects of Gujarat as well as known crafts of different states of India, including Indian textiles. Guide services are available on request.An arts and crafts museum it has a collection of arts and crafts objects of Gujarat and well known crafts of different states of India, including Indian textiles.Arts and crafts of Gujarat. Guide service, lectures, film shows. Timings : Summer 0830-1200 hrs and 1500-1900 hrs; Winter 0830-1200 hrs and 1430-1900 hrs. Closed on Mondays and public holidays. Entry free Photography not allowed.....more
Shatrunjaya Hill
The Shatrunjaya Hill is located at a height of 591 metres. The Shatrunjaya Temple is the most sacred temple of the Jains and one of the largest of its kind in India. One has to climb up the hill for about 4 kms 600 meters on a stepped path to Shatrunjaya place of victory over worldliness. You can reach this place either in Doli or lift chairs or by walking. The rich persons visit this place on richly caparisoned elephants. There are about 863 white marble Jain temples, built over 900 years on the hilltop, each with its own enclosure. There is a stunning view from the top of the hill and the air is filled with the scent of the jasmine trees. On a clear day, you can also see the Gulf of Cambay. All the temples are enriched with gold, silver and jewels donated by rich merchants. According to local tradition, Adinatha, the first Jain Tirthankara, visited the hill several times and the first temple was erected by his son. Thereafter the emple builders could not stop. Jains believe that Pundarika....more
Blackbuck National Park
Blackbuck N.P. Velavadar in the Bhal region of Saurashtra is a unique grassland ecosystem that has attracted fame for the successful conservation of the blackbuck, the wold and the lesser florican. Once found in open plains throughout the country and the state of Gujarat its largest population at present occurs in Velavadar N.P. This exclusively Indian animal is perhaps the most graceful and beautiful of its kind. It has ringed horns that have a spiral twist of three to fours turns and are up to 70 cm long. The body's upper parts are black and the underparts and a ring around the eyes are white. ....more