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Dharoi Dam


Located at Dharoi in Sabarkantha District, the Dharoi Dam was built for supplying drinking water to urban areas such as Ahmedabad that is located 85 km away. Dharoi Dam was constructed across the Sabarmati River in 1973. The dam is also one of the tourist spots in the state, with Gadada Shamlaji another nearby tourist attraction. Dharoi Dam can be reached from Poshina, which is located about 45 km away.


According to officials, water was released from the Dharoi dam last in 1993 and now again after over 12 years, on Saturday.In 1993, all the doors of the dam were opened and nearly 3.15 lakh cusecs water was released in the river On Saturday, because of the inflow of nearly 2,17 lakh cusecs in the dam, the authorities opened 10 gates and released 55,940 cusecs of water.

The release of water began at 7.30 am on Saturday morning and about 10,884 cusecs water was released. By noon 55,940 cusecs water was released. With the inflow in the dam decreasing, the authorities closed all the gates at 12.15 pm.The water in the dam was flowing at 620.79 feet at 2 pm on Saturday, while the danger mark is 622 feet. Dharoi is one of the biggest dams in North Gujarat.

Location info:

Address:Dharoi Dam,Sabarkantha,Gujarat,India
District: Sabarkantha
Nearest City: Palanpur
Langauge: Gujarati,Hindi
Best time to visit: October to March


Summer, it's hot and humid with an average temperature of 40 Degrees with hot sandy winds. In Winter, it's 10 to 20 degrees


This project provides water to half of North Gujarat. It is situated at Dharoi village which is blessed with Natural Beauty. The project has given a reputation to Satlasana taluka there are Green Maontains and the Sabarmati river. At Vav village 8 kms away pure drinking water is supplied to the people from here.Dharoi Dam was constructed in 1973 across the Sabarmati River. Gadada Shamlaji is a nearby tourist spot.

Interesting things to do:

Interesting things to Visit:

Home of the famous artist, late Sardar SOBHA SINGH and play-writer. Ms. NORA RICHARDS. There are beautiful paintings worth seeing in their private houses. It affords an excellent view of Dhauladhar range. Andreta is 12 km from Palampur.

At the jewel-like temple of Bajnath, Lord Shiva is revered as Vaidyanath-the Lord of Physicians. With a wealth of intricate carvings and graceful proportions, this temple is a big draw for pilgrims and visitors. It is said that here, King Ravana supplicated Lord Shiva for the boon of immortality.

Chamunda Devi:
Chamunda Devi (18 km): Legend has it that two demons, Chanda and Munda tried to harass the goddess Ambika. Enraged, Ambika knitted her brows and from their folds emerged a terrifying of Kali, who slew the demons. Pleased, Ambika declared that Kali would now be worshipped here as "Chamunda". Himachal Tourism also runs a "Yatri Niwas" at this sacred place.

Balaram Mahadev Temple:
Many tourists are attracted by river, wild santuary and eyecatching natural beauty. Balaram is 16 Km from Palanpur. Large numder of devotees are seen here in Shravan Mas.
Here a resort called Balaram Palace resort is also a center of attraction.

Jain Temples:
A Jain temple representing Jain religion is located 51 Km from palanpur on Radhanpur highway. A divine statue of Parshwananth Bhagwan is established here.A huge and beautiful Shri Pallaviya Parshvanath Derasar in located in palanpur. It is beleived that is was build by king Prahalad.

Keerti Stambh Victory Tower:
kirti stambh was build during nawab rule in Palanpur. It is located near railway station in the heart of city. Kirti stambh was designed by Nawab Talemohammed Khan and was build in remembrance of Nawab Sehmohammed khan in 1936. It was built at cost of 40,000 Rs. at that time.

Kumbheshwar Mahadev:
Just 3 km away from Ambaji near Kumbharia Jain Temple there is an ancient Kumbheshawar Mahadev which has been built as per Vastu Shastra, the ancient Indian Science of Architecture, with wonderful pieces of architect and Holy idol Ling of Ashutosh, and Jaladhari made from marble, continuously pouring holy water on the Shivlinga.

ManiBhadra Veer:
At a distance of 18 K.M. from palanpur holy place Magarwada is located. On pacham of every month large number of devotees come here to offer worship.According to beliefs, a place is constructed in honour of MANEKSHA who lost his life while trying to save cows.His body parts are devoted in three different places viz. UJJAIN, AGLOD and MAGARWADA.

Man Sarovar is behind the main temple. It is said to have been constructed by Shri Tapishanker, a Nager Devotee of Ambaji from Ahmedabad, during the year 1584 to 1594. There are two temples on two sides of this holy tank, one is of Mahadev and another is Ajay Devi , who is believed to be the sister of Mata Ambaji .The visitors and devotees use to take holy bath in this Man Sarovar.

Nadabet is located in vav taluka near gujarat border. Here there is military camp, temple is handled by military person. On chaitra sud nom of every year there is fairand hugenumber ofdevotees comes here.

A great ruler Siddhraj Jaisingh was born at pataleshwar temple. While Minaldevi was counstructing vav she found SHIVLING in the earth and decided to construct a temple at tat place.
It is believed that the Shivling was placed by Nagraja in ancient time. Today also stones depecting Nag images are present.On Shivratri every year huge number of devotees come to worship God.

Just 1 km away from Kumbharia Jain Temple in the village of Jetwas village of Danta Taluka, there is an ancient place of Someshawar Mahadev which is also on the bank of a water spring. And near to this site seeing place, there is a well known place for Tapasya Chamunda Math.

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How to reach?

Nearest Railway Station:Palanpur Railway Station
Nearest Airport:Ahmedabad airport at 85 km
Road Transport:State Ahmedabad has a good road network with good network of State Highways. The State Transport Corporation connects it to all the major cities and towns of Gujarat and other states of the country.

Nearest Visiting places:

Vaktapur Teerth , a famous Jain temple located here is the main tourist attraction. Apart from this Shamlaji, Akshardham temple, Shri Mehsana Teerth, Hathee Singh Jain temple, Kanjariya Lake, Bhadra fort and Teen Darwaza and Calico Museum are the other attractions filled with enlightening experiences.

This is a spot of water reservoir on the gatherings of River Banas. The cool, clear waters create an enchanting location for relaxing. Nearby, you have an agriculture university. The nature and picturesque spot pulls in birds and bird watchers from various places during the winter seasons.

Gadada Shamlaji:
Located near the Dharoi Dam, a lovely landscape of hills and nature fills in here, which give a great relax from the hurry busy world. The temple of Lord Vishnu is devoted here.

It is a historical based town located at the southern parts fo Arvalli ranges and a natural beauty of protected hill fort is here, once it was the capital of the Idar when Rathore Rajputs ruled. The ancient fort namely Iiva Durga is known to be mentioned in the epic of ‘Mahabharata’ and in the Chinese travelogue-named Hiusen-tsing. The town has its beautiful entrance of its 3 storied clock town and the huge arch in it with a semi circular dome invites people amazingly to the core of excitement over those days architectural charm. The bazaar of this town is at both the ends of the road and leads to the tower and ends up at the foothills of Idar fort. The old palace od beauty and charm is still alive even when the days pass by its carved balconies of artistic work, pillars, brackets, and foliated arches are at vicinity and challenging. Rani Talav, a huge water tank is also seen near the palace.

This spot is renowned as the Hindu temple region and Brahma temples of India are also mingled here. Khedbrahma teerth dedicated to Bhagwan mahavir Swami is the main attraction and devotional pull to the multitude. The temple of Chaturmukh(the four headed God) is also famous spot of spiritual visit here.

Known to be an ancient town and the shamlaji temple dedicated to Lord Visnhnu is a historical element that speaks of this place and its age. Nearly 29 km from here you have Modasa, Bhiloda at 15 km distance, Meghrai and Ahemdabad are the nearby tourist attractions.

Balaram Ambaji Wild Life Sanctuary:
Undulating hills of Aravali, supporting the dry deciduous forests of North Gujarat, provide an unimaginable beautiful ambience to Balaram-Ambaji Wildlife Sanctuary. The sanctuary derives its name from two historical temples- Balaram and Ambaji, situated at the opposite corners of the sanctuary. This picturesque area was constituted as a Wildlife Sanctuary by Government of Gujarat on 7th August' 1989 for the purpose of protection, propagation and development of wildlife and its environment.


The area is characteristically rich in floral diversity- particularly medicinal plants. It has numerous floral and faunal species of global conservation significance. The rare flora comprises Kadaya (giving medicinal gum), Gugal, and Musali etc. The predominant trees are- Khair, Salai, Modad, Dhavada, Khakhara, Timru. During late winters (February-March) Khakhara- the flame of the forests- known by many different names such as- Palash, Tesu, Kesudo, Dhak etc. is generally in bloom with its striking red colour resembling flames in the forests.

This place was previously the capital of this princely state and today as the district headquarters has its credits that still speak about historical values from centuries together. This old city is blessed with nature around like encamping hillocks and Aravali Mountains that accelerate tourist visit every year from all over the world. The name Palanpur was given after the name of Palansi Chauhans who dwelled here during the 14th century, later the city came under control of Muslim legends till India’s independence. Palanpur began to prosper during the reign of Nawab Shaeb Sher Khan Lohnai and Nawab sahib Talej Muhammed Khan Lohani in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Today, Palanpur is a major trade center and became thickly populated due to its mercantile growth. This is fertile enough because of the Saraswathi and Banas rivers that flows through the city, the places of visit are Kirti stambh, the Rajmahal, Balaram Mehadev temple and the old palace of Nawab. Zoravar palace is known for its beauty,the golden leaf decorative designs ,wall paintings and the sandalwood staircase exhibits the pomp and glory living of mankind those days and now it’s a government official building that works for the people. The other attractions are two Dargahs and an old stepwell, MithiVav with seven galleries on the wall makes the visitors take an awesome wonder to think that “the historians are real legends”.

This spot is a scared location with temples around that brings devotees from Gujarat and Rajasthan to this famous Maa Ambaji temple, here the main deity is Goddess Amba. Being a pilgrim center there are several other Jain temples namely Gabbar temple and Kumbharia temple, which adds more serenity to this spot. Basically Ambaji is a spot that consist of tribal population, yet talented and artistic workmanship evokes from here, such as silver smith, potters, arrow makers and basket weavers etc; are the special articles you get from here, the major tribal groups are Bhils and Garacias . Ambaji is, also famously known for its marble sculpture and silver tribal jewelry. The main festival is Bhadrapadi Poornima festival is celebrated here annually, near to Ambaji you have a small town named Kumbhariyaji which is famously known for its beautiful sculpted Jain temples and some other important temples are Neminathji temple , Mahavir swami temple, Parshwanathji temple, Sambhavnathji temple and Shantinathji temple.
Poshina port is near to Ambaji at about 45 km of distance.

Jessore Sioth Bear Sanctuary:
This wildlife sanctuary is spread over at an area of 180 sq.km and famously known for sloth bear. Other wild animals like leopards, sambar deer, blue bull, wild boar, porcupine and variety of birds are also found here, it’s a haven to the beasts to beautify planet earth.

Scenic scenario every where at this location and beautiful landscape of Balaram invites tourist from all over the world. This spot is an important Hindu pilgrim center amidst the jungle will be an adventure yet devotional to the heart, soul and mind. Such a lovely place with fresh vegetables and nature that enhances the Gaumukh temple with natural stream flows from the mouth of a cow will be a major attraction to the tourist. The place Balaram and its Balaram river side celebrate a numerous festivals with religious importance every year, this spot is an ideal location for bird watching and jungle living, obviously it’s a home to sloth bears, panthers, blue bulls, and 4 horned antelopes. There are some nearby spot of tourist visit such as Balaram- Ambaji wildlife sanctuary and Jessore Sloth bear sanctuary and an ancient Koteshwar Mahadev temple which is dedicated to Lord shiva is located here.

Here you have a famous Jain pilgrim site and the main attraction is the Bhildiyaji temple.

This spot was once the capital of Parmar Rajputs and the majority of population are the Bhil tribes who still sojourn here, this place consist of two main and beautiful palaces for tourist visit. The Ambaji temple and Shri Kumbhariyaji temple are the nearby pilgrimage centers.

Husain Tekri situated here is a famous place for Azadari programs held on the 22nd of Safar, the second month in the Islamic calendar.

This spot is another ancient landscape which still exists, previously Tharad was known by several names such as Thirpur, Thiradi, Thirapadra and Tharapadra. The famous attraction spot here is Shri Tharad Teerth and this town is considered to be a scared on amidst the Jains beliefs and it is said that this spot was established by King Thirupal Dharu. The beautiful idol at Shri Tharad Teerth is Shri Adishwar Bhagwan which is positioned in Padmasna position in Yoga is famously worshipped here. Apart from this unique spot there are some more ten temples to be visited. Shri Vav Teerth and Shri Bhorol Teerth are the famous Jain temples easily accessible by road, accommodations are available for pilgrims.

This spot is known to be famous for its step-well Called AdlajVav and during the ancient times this location was known as Dandi Desh, the spot pulls in tourist from far and near.

Indroda Village Deer Park:
The place is known to be the best landmark of the district; this spot is located at the outskirts of Gandhinagar and provides a great picnic spot for the nature lovers. Moreover the Secretariat complex which is positioned in the park has its great architectural values and adds attraction to the people. The park provides a wide range of animals and animal care such as Jackals, Wild boar, Hare, Porcupine, Crusted honey bee buzzard and variety ranges of reptiles and birds and mammals are the real good attraction to the tourist. The Sarita Udyan, located on the Sabarmati is the nearby attraction spot for the tourist. Camping facilities are provided too…

Koba Teerth:
During the year 1980 this holy shrine of Koba Teerth was built in memory of His Holiness Acharyashri Kailas Sagarsuriji Maharaj Saheb. The greatest wonder of this shrine is that, every year during the month May dated 22nd, the ray of the rising sun will pass through to the pinnacle and shine on the forehead of the idol of Bhagwan Mahavir Swami, this idol is beautifully placed in the shrine in the position of Padmasana and white in colour which enhances divinity to the pilgrims and visitors. This wonder temple of Jain pilgrim center is situated on the way between Gandhinagar and Ahemdabad and on the banks of the River Sabarmati.

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Petrol Pump:Ladol,Mehsana,Gujarat,India


Swaminarayan Petrol Pump:Mhesaha,Gujarat,India

Jyothi Petrol Pump:Mehsana,Gujarat,India


Hotel Anjali:Idar,Gujarat,India,MO:09426354558,Ph:02728253866


Hotel Cappal:Palanpur,Gujarat,India,Ph:02742 250777

Lajwanti Hotel:Palanpur,Banaskantha,Gujarat,India

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Police Station:100
Nearest Hospital:
Atmavallabh Hospital:idar,Gujarat,India
civil hospital:Idar,Sabarkantha,Gujarat,India
Purvi Hospital:Palanpur, Banaskantha, Gujarat,Ph:02742 256702
Trimurti Hospital:Palanpur,Banaskantha,Gujarat,India,Ph:02742 253714
Gandhi - Lincoln Hospital:Disa,Banaskantha,Gujarat,India
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