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Ukai Dam


Gujarat has around 21 large dams, among 541 Indian Dams. Ukai Dam near Surat is one of the major projects including Sardar Sarovar Dam. Only 5 projects of Gujarat are considered to be the prime sources of water across the state, namely the Dharoi, Dantiwada, Kadana, Ukai and Sardar Sarovar. These 5 Dams of Gujaratare also of national importance.


The storage capacity of Ukai dam is almost 46% of the total capacity of all the other existing dams in Gujarat if put together. Thus it can be concluded that the rest of the dams have as little as 0.1% average storage capacity. Ukai Dam is thought to be the mega project in Gujarat. During last 40 years, the actual irrigation potential is attained through all the major and medium water resources projects in the State, which comprises of only 14 million hectares. However, the Sardar Sarovar Dam would alone provide irrigation facilities to 19.24 million hectares and it makes a lot of difference in tiding over famine conditions prevailing recurrently in Gujarat State.

Water level in Ukai dam recorded an increase today and 23,620 cusecs of water was released from the dam to Tapi river this morning, additional district collector D V Mewada said.By this morning, there was a heavy inflow of water to the dam and the water level rose to 333.65 feet which is very close to rule level, Mr Mewada said.''To avoid an increase of water to danger level, the water has been released from the dam,'' Mr Mewada said.However, he said that the present inflow of water to Tapi river will not create any danger to the residents in low-lying areas.''The present inflow of water to Tapi will increase the river water level only by one meter. The danger level in Tapi is 9.50 meters, which means that there is no dangerous situation in Surat,'' he added

They were demanding a branch canal from Ukai Dam for availing water for their fields. They organised a 'Chakka Jam' under the banner of Adivasi Sangharsh Samiti and stopped vehicles on the road. Later, they handed over a memorandum to the Mamlatdar. Congress MP Tushar Patel also participated in the rally.Adivasi Sangharsh Samiti president Mansingh Choudhary said: "Farming is the only option for the tribal families here. At present, they are relying on rainwater for farming and are dependent on animal husbandry for their livelihood. Our demand is that a canal should be made from Ukai Dam for the tribals to draw water, which Chief Minister Narendra Modi had assured of during his election campaign.”

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Address:Ukai Dam,Surat,Gujarat,India
District: Surat
Nearest City: Surat
Langauge: Gujarati,Hindi
Best time to visit: October to March


Winter Temperature: Max 31 °C, Min 22 °C Summer Temperature: Max 40 °C, Min ...


The floods of among the worst Gujarat's Surat city has experienced in recent times. The sudden release of a huge amount of waterfrom the Ukai dam led to over 80 per cent of Surat, which comprises of only 14 million hectares. However, the Sardar Sarovar Dam would alone provide irrigation facilities to 19.24 million hectares and it makes a lot of difference in tiding over famine conditions prevailing recurrently in Gujarat State.

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Gardens in Surat have been set up for recreational purposes and are open for general public. Surat gardens reflect verdant green, with plantations of major plants, shrubs and herbs. It is a much loved spot for the evening-walkers. The garden is also famous for organizing picnics. One can enjoy a day with family and friends. The green surroundings provide a cool and relaxing effect on the eyes. The lush greenery is a feast for your eyes. The flower shows during winters are major attractions for locals and tourists. Hundreds of flower species are on display during these shows.


A port city in Gujarat, Surat boasts of being the second largest city in Gujarat. Located on the banks of the river Tapi, Surat is popular for its narrow streets and beautiful houses. The city is a major industrial hub of Gujarat and is well known for its textiles and diamond business. Apart from these, the many Tourist attractions in Surat are also worth a visit during your Tour to Surat. One such place to visit is Navsari close to Surat. Navsari is popular as the headquarters of the Parsis ever since they settled in Surat. It is one of the leading Monuments in Surat.

Sanjan Surat:
Surat, located on the western part of India within the Gujarat state is often touted as the Silk City and the Diamond City. The burgeoning textile and diamond businesses attract many a corporate guests, but the city has also not failed to captivate the imagination of the leisure tourists as well. There are a number of monuments in Surat that play a key role in boosting the value of the place in terms of tourism. If you are planning to take a trip to Surat, then a visit to Surat's Sanjan is highly recommended.

If history interests you, then a trip to Surat's Sanjan is what you would cherish for the rest of your life. Since February 2002, excavation work is in full swing in Sanjan. Among the ancient relics unearthed were human skeletons, coins, shards of pottery, beads and glasses. The praiseworthy initiative was taken by the World Zarathusti Cultural foundation and the project was jointly sponsored by the ASI and the Indian Council for Historical Research. The articled that were thrown up during the excavations are capable of providing valuable insights into the early history of the Parsis.

Old Fort:
The city of Surat is located on the bank of river Tapi in the West Indian state of Gujarat. Surat was a grand port city during the Mughal period. Since the ancient times, the early port of Surat has been well-known for its elite quality fine silks and beautiful brocades and its trade in various spices. Surat has been one of the most progressive of India's cities in the 17th and 18th centuries. Presently, Surat is a chief industrial city with many textile mills. Besides, Surat is also an imperative diamond-cutting centre in India. Surat features many attractive tourist destinations. Monuments in Surat are a popular destination with tourists visiting the famous Old Fort which stands tall in the city.

Udvada, near Surat is celebrated for being a very sacred place among the Parsis and is a small sleepy village which is located in the southern coast of Gujarat. It is as important to the Parsis as is Haridwar for the Hindus, Mecca for the Muslims and Vatican City for the Christians. A large number of Parsis flock here every year, both from within the country and from abroad. It was here that the victorious fire or Atash Behram was brought from Persia by the Parsis in the 18th century. This fire is placed in a temple which is strictly meant for the Parsis. As a result, the non-Parsis are not allowed to enter here. This place can be visited from outside. Peace and bliss pervades here that simply enthralls the visitors who come from far and wide.

Sardar Patel Museum:
The Sardar Patel Museum in Surat is a multipurpose museum which is located in Sonifalia. It plays host to several pieces of antiques such as that made of wood, metal, ivory, stone, sandalwood, porcelain and terracotta. Several old oil paintings, miniatures, textiles, manuscripts and many such other items are also displayed in the exhibition organized by this museum. This is the only museum in Surat that has gained a lot importance owing to its rich collection of ancient historical items that are important part of the national heritage too. One will come across 10, 000 specimen of the various arts and crafts at this place. There is also an open air theater which can accommodate about 4000 people at a time.

Dutch Garden:
The Dutch garden in Surat is essentially cemeteries of the officers who landed and settled in Gujarat on their business ventures. Dutch garden is one of the most significant gardens in Surat. Gardens in Surat have been expanding from time to time, under succeeding gardeners to its present state. The striking features of the English and Dutch cemeteries are their huge and imposing tombs. They tell the story of power and glory. Tombs of Christopher Oxenden and George Oxenden, two English traders who took charge of the English Factory in Surat, are the biggest ones in the English cemetery. The tomb of Baron Adrian Van Reede, who was director of the Dutch Company in India, stands out arrestingly in the Dutch cemetery.

Surat proudly boasts of a rich historical and cultural background that has attracted a lot of people, both international tourists and domestic travelers. This vibrant industrial town is positioned on the banks of the river Tapi and is known for some of the most excellent silks and fine brocades. Surat has always been a major port city of Gujarat and it plays a major role for the promotion of trade and commerce. The city is also popular for the diamond cutting works and its variety of spices. The tour to Surat will take into account every ingredient that is going to satisfy the quest of the tourist's travel. The tourists can also shop and buy a lot of interesting hand made items from the bazaars in Surat.

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Nearest Railway Station:Surat Railway Station
Nearest Airport:Surat airport
Road Transport:State Surat has a good road network with good network of State Highways. The State Transport Corporation connects it to all the major cities and towns of Gujarat and other states of the country.

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A renowned history of ‘Bardoli Satyagrah’ ( a great farmer movement) during Independence have been performed here by Mahatama Gandhi under the leadership of Sardar Vallabhai Patel has happened here. Swaraj Ashram is the other major point of attraction.


This is a giant city of industry in south Gujarat, which has the biggest industrial powerhouse in the country. The other attractions are Hajira beach, two wells which is rich in iron and sulphur.

Dutch garden, old fort, Sardar Patel Museum, Dandi, Dumas, and Hajira are the tourist places of visit.

It was previously the main commercial center of the south Gujarat, before of Surat came into prominence during the 11th and 12th centuries. Thereon Arabs and Kafas have intruded to make it as a center for overseas trade. Later, due to Portuguese invasion, Rander dimmed its prosperity and charm in trade.

Valsad is the district headquarters, spread over an area of 5,244 sq.km and famously known for farming and fishing as the major occupation of the people in this town. Apart, from these two occupations people are much involved into handloomtextiles, dyes, bricks and pottery small scale industries here. Valsad farming is prosperous in growing mangoes, sapoditta and teak. Important Places of visit are Atul, Billimoria, Dandi, Dharmapur, Gandevi, Nargol, Paner, Sanjan, Tithal, Ubhrat, Udvada and Udhai. Dandi Gandhiji’s salt Satyagraha movement is happened here, is closely situated near, therefore saff making is still a major occupation to the people here. Sanjan is the place where the Parsis first landed in India. Navsari an industrial town and a known place of cutting and polishing diamonds is near here, Gandevi is well known for its jaggery.Located to the south of Gujarat, Valsad is the district headquarters, such a small and beautiful town, famous for handloom textiles, dyes, bricks and pottery and extraction of Castrol-oil industry is the main commitments of this regions people. The main production is Petrochemical commodities that add major revenue to the country.

Situated on the banks of the Swargavahini River and this place were earlier known as Ramnagar. This region is encamped by the Western Ghats on the east, west and southern sides and the place lies next to the Maharashtra border, therefore, you get an extreme Excellencies over climate, throughout the year. The city welcomes with an exuberant statue of The Rajya Rohan Gate, a life sized Grecian style and European style statue. During the year 1746 AD, Dharmapur, found by king Dharmedvji and was the previous capital of the formerly princely state of Dharmapur. The rulers were the descendants of the Sisodia Rajputs of Chittor. Later after the device of Sultan reign in south Gujarat, the state of Dharmapur came into prominence and power by ruling about seven strategic forts in this region.

The growth aspects of Dharmapur took place during the 18th & 19TH centuries. The 18th century effort gave birth to the construction of Raj Mahal, Public buildings, step wells and temples. Wherein, 19th century came out with upgrading versions of buildings such as Anglo Vernacular School, Jail and hospitals as a part of the Queen Victoria Golden Jubilee celebrations and during the reign of king Mohandevji the great constructions of Mohan Vilas Palace, Pramod Bhavan, State Guest House and numerous temples came into existence. Lady Wilson Museum, built by king Vijaydevi in 1921, is a known place of tourist visit. The nearby tourist spots are Japanese Garden, Radha Krishna Temple and Wilson hill located at a distance about 27km are the associated tourist spots of interest here in Dharmapur.

This spot speaks about the settlement of Parsis in India from Persia. Their journey of history is said in ‘Kisseh-i-Sanjan’,the story of Sanjan. During the year 1917 a Sanjan memorial column was built in memory of the Parsis (Zoroastrians) invasion to India and even now it is known to be the holistic places of Parsis.

It is a small town famous for fishing and beach. This is a beautiful spot of relaxing and swimming for beach lovers and also an ideal shore of sand walking.

This town is the talk of the epic Ramayanam, it is believed that Lord Ram has shooted up an arrow and by then the hot spring here is created. This significant hotspring is still at view that pulls in spiritual believes from all over the country to sanctify and thereon, this is a renowned land mark of Gujarat state.

Located at the foothills of Sahyadri Hills, Vansada is a beautiful town filled with nature and bliss and it was once the erstwhile princely state of the south Gujarat. This region is surrounded with bamboo forest, perhaps? The name ‘vans’ in Gujarati means bamboo. This located was founded by Maharaval Virsinhji in 1781, on the banks of the Kaveri River. It was ruled by the Chalukya Rajputs Clan’sdescendants and was known to be the capital of the princely state in the year 1947. The too main entrance of the town, welcome one into the town.first, one is an imposing structure with a big plaster decorated arch near the Vireshwari Temple while the second gate is a 3- storied one, towards the town hall. These gates were the great securities once, but today! It is not in use but still exist as a landmark of Hall Mark to the state. The clock tower, Town Hall, Sushil Sadan, Digvir Niwas Palace, Unai nearby 18 km and Vansda National Park at 10km distance are the nearest locations of tourist interest.

Vansda National Park:
Its area is spread over to 24sq.km. where once a private forest of Maharaja of Vansda, now it is a park under the Government control. You have tigers, leopards, four horned antelope, pangolins, rusty spotted cats, python and giant squirrels, wherein. Monkeys and langoor were the main pull of attraction in the park. The park is blessed with natural trees and thickly covered that even bright days become dark. Tall teak trees and many other botanical giants are grown here. Prior permission is a must to visit the park.

Situated as the ‘Golden Corridir’ of the Southern parts of Gujarat. This area is a industrial estate spread over to 400 km. fast growing industrial complexes in India. Major industries here are chemicals, plastics, rubber, textiles, dyes, paints, pharmaceuticals,woods, glass food products and packaging and more, there gainst of industries over to the country a steady and a sturn growth of progress in trade and export.

Wilson Hill:
This is a lovely hill station locale, situated 750m altitude above sea level. This location is a ‘Marble Chhatri’ which is dedicated to the British Governor Wilson. The Panasonic view from the hill nearby hills and the Arabian Sea. This spot is an ideal picnic sits out for trekkers’ rock climbers and Adventurous.

One of the tourist attractions in Vadodara, the Sayaji Sarovar, the major water source supply for Vadodara is situated here, then, the Vrindavan Garden here that lines up as same in Mysore Vrindavan Garden is a place of bliss and pleasant. Other worth places of visit are Ajwa water part and fun world.

This town is known to be as the previous princely state, this place is explored with its ancient buildings of wood carvings and painting that represents various deities are eye hunting. The Rusheshwar Mahadev temple is said to the ancient one at this place, on the banks of the River Mahi. Mostly, the shrines located in this region depicts the scenes of Puranas, that tells us about the history of ancient dwellings and this place’s age too.

Today, this town is known for its industries and trade. The erstwhile history is known through the agate cores and the glassy white quartz of Stone Age which is found here.Shri Bodeli Teerth is the prime spot of attraction for the tourist, as of today.

This town is another ancient location of the state. Previously, this place was known for the military camping and therefore, this town derived its name as Chhavani, which literally means ‘camp’. The manuscripts of Memories read history as, there are five charming temples in Chhani that still exist. Shri Chhani Teerth is famous here. The temples of Bhagvan Shantinath, Bhagvan Mahavir Swami and Bhagvan Kunthunatha are the other temples of serenity here. This town of spiritual and traditional environment is located near the ancient towns of Darbhavati [Dabhoi] and Vadapadh. Chhayapuri was the early name of this town.

Chhotia Udaipur:
This town was formed by Baji Raval. During the year 1813 Rayasing, a follower of Baji Raval, have built a fort here, the place is famous for old historical palaces, and temples. Moreover the tourist can make chhota, the edge of Udaipur, as their base for visiting Gujarat tribals.

The real name is Darbhavati. The early days was ruled by the Muslims during 13th centuries. Later, Hindu rulers prevailed, wherein, Dabhoi Fort evoked to speaks facts of Hindu reign here. The four gates of the fort are carved to the core of workmanship challenge, and named as Hira Bhagol in the east, Vadodara in the west, Champaner Gate in the north and Nandod Gate in the south. Apart, from this, the town has a numerous Jain and Hindu based temples here. Raskavi Dayaram, a famous Gujarati poet who composed many garbis [devotional songs] was born in this place, that adds up a milage of spiritual and traditional living. Shri Darbhavati Teerth, Chandod, Karnali and Sankheda are the most enhancing tourist locations. Dhaboi Railway station is said to be the oldest narrow gauge rail junction in the world which also speaks about British invasion here in the country.

Jaanbughoda Wildlife Sanctury:
With an area of 130.38 sq.km, it sanctuary was established in the year 1990. You have a large number of Mahuda trees in this sanctuary, which supplies major food to the wild life & tribals here. The farmers found here are Sloth bear, leopard, hyena, wolf and barking deer. Accomadations are available at the forest rest house in Kada near the dam. The best season is winter to visit the sanctuary.

This is another temple city of the state located with nature and ghats beauty around. Karnali, basically is a twin town of Chandod lies on the opposite bank of Orsary River. Temples here are mainly dedicated to Lord Shiva, the footprint of Lord Dattatreya is a great sanctify to this town. During Chaitra month, this town celebrates a big fair that pulls in people from around the state.

Saint Ranj Avadhoot havr established an ashram here with his vast collection of books is a highlight of Nareshwar. This is situated on the banks of the River Narmada.

Nearest Petrol Pump:

Petrol Pump:songadh,Gujarat,India


Reliance petrol pump:songadh,Navapur,Gujarat,India


Jalaram Hotel:songadh,Gujarat,India


Hotel icespice:Vyara,Surat,Gujarat,India

Manoranjan Hotel:Bazar Street,Gandevi,Navsari,Gujarat,India,Ph:02634 262812

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Dhiraj Hospital:Fort Songadh,Ring Road,Surat,Mo:09825143607
sakhiya skin hospital:202, - 203, Ayush doctor house, Lal darwaja station road,surat,Gujarat,Ph:0261 2454981
Parsi General Hospital:Surat,Gujarat,Ph:0261 2423922
Ashakta Ashram Hospital:Surat,Gujarat,India
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Old Fort Surat
Surat is famous for its monuments and the centuries old old fort that stands tall in the city.It was built by Muhammad bin Tughlak in the 14th century to guard the city from Bhils attack. Known as Muhammad Kunhi by birth, he was the most cruel and cold blooded sultan among the Mughal Emperors; but was very concerned about his men and brilliantly made this fort. The fort was invaded twice by the Maratha Emperor, Chhatrapati Shivaji. This exquisite architectural marvel with strong walls and iron bars is a place of worth a visit. The fort is now being used as the Municipal office of the city.....more
Navsari Nearest Surat
Navsari will be merged with its twin city of Surat under the Surat Metropolitan Region.The Surat Metropolitan area will be extended till Navsari. The state government wants to decongest and curb the haphazard development around the fastest growing city of Surat. For this, the ministry had sent a proposal to the CEPT University to prepare a project report titled regional planning strategy for Surat.The University, after a year long study and analysis, recently submitted a detailed report on the regionalisation of the city. Urban Development Minister Nitin Patel refused to comment, but K M Panchal, Chief Town Planning Officer in the Urban Development Ministry confirmed that he has received the report....more
Udvada Nearest Surat
A visit to Tourism of Gujarat an attendant visit to the city of Surat located in Gujarat India offers travel related information that Surat situated in Gujarat India is replete with an attendant paraphernalia of history and commercial feats. All this makes Surat, situated in Gujarat, India a place worth more than a single visit. Tourism of Gujarat, takes the tourist on a journey across the travel destinations of Surat, located in Gujarat, India, such as the castle of Surat, built in the year 1546 A.D, along with many Hindu, Jain and Parsi temples and mosques which were built as the history marched along the landscape of Surat, located in Gujarat, India....more
Sardar Vallabhai Patel Museum
he Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Memorial is a museum and exhibition centre dedicated to Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, an Indian independence activist and political leader, at the Moti Shahi Mahal, located in Shahibaug, Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The Moti Shahi Mahal is surrounded by the Sardar Open Garden, where peacocks roam free and monkeys reside in the trees. The Sardar Open Air Theatre shows documentary films in the garden on occasion. Before the palace stands a statue of Patel. Four pillars mark the four wings, one floor and central hall of the palace.A major attraction of the Sardar Patel national memorial museum in Ahmedabad consists of the national flag that was designed by the Indian National Congress in 1930 -1931......more
Vansda National Park Navsari
The Vansda National Park at Navsari was established in 1979 in Navsari district of Gujarat. The Vansda National Park in Gujarat is spread over an area of 24 square kilometers, in the mountains of Western Ghats or Sahyadris. The Vansda National Park of Gujarat is extremely dense and harbors a wide variety of flora and fauna. The Vansda National Park is maintained by the government of Gujarat and a unique protected area of the state.The Vansda National Park in Gujarat has mainly moist deciduous and dry deciduous forest and bamboos, tall teak trees, orchids, mango groves and gigantic creepers are the predominant trees of the forest. At present the Vansda National Park at Gujarat has more than 250 species of plants including variety of rare wild animals....more
Dutch Gardens
Surat is a bustling port city sited in the state of Gujarat. A forerunner of India's industrial enterprises Surat is shrouded in history and myriads of reference of its former efflorescence can be found in the chronicles of the Mahabarata, the annals of the foreign travelers and the British and Dutch colonial powers. A beautiful relic of Surat glorious past are the magnificent and sprawling Dutch Gardens.The Dutch garden in Surat is essentially cemeteries of the officers who landed and settled in Gujarat on their business ventures. Dutch garden is one of the most significant gardens in Surat. Gardens in Surat have been expanding from time to time, under succeeding gardeners to its present state.....more
Tapi river
Tapti is a river of western India and the history of this river starts with its origin in the Betul district. It rises in Betul district of Madhya Pradesh and flows between two spurs of the Satpura Hills, across the plateau of Khandesh, and thence through the plain of Surat to the sea. It has a total length of around 724 km. and drains an area of 30,000 sq. m. For the last 32 m. of its course, it is a tidal flow, but is only navigable by vessels of small tonnage; and the port of Swally at its mouth. The history of this river is closely associated with the Anglo Portuguese history. The upper reaches of the river are now deserted, owing to silting at the outflow of the river. The waters of the Tapti are usually not used for irrigation.Tapi river is one of the major rivers in India. The total length of the Tapi river is approximately around 724 km. It flows in the central part of India.....more