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Satpura hill -Saputara


Saputara is a hill station town in the Dang District of Gujarat state in India. Saputara, literally the ‘abode of serpents’, is Saputara best known hill resort ,at the height of 875 metres, saputara offers a pleasant climate and panoramic view of lush green Dang forest. The hill station is small enough to be entirely covered by foot. perched on a plateau in the Dangs forest area in the Sahyadri range of mountains, offering breathtaking views of the sunrise and sunset.


Saputara boasts of being the lone hill resort in the state of Gujarat. The well-designed hill resort of Saputara offers the ultimate getaway with a wide range of facilities for recreation like hotels, parks/gardens, swimming pools, boat club, theatres and a museum besides boasting of the nature at its best. Saputara literally means 'the abode of the serpents'. There is an image of a snake on the banks of River Sarpaganga in Saputara. The tribal pray to the snake image on especially on festivals.

This spot is believed to be the oldest location which has taken part in the great Indian epic Ramayana, it said that when Lord Ram was in exile, he has spent 11 year of his exile in this region is a belief which yet unchanged. Saputara is exactly situated in the Dangs forest area of the Sahyadari Ranges on the borders of Maharashtra – Gujarat. The 1000 m altitude provides chilling climate and an aesthetic scenery scenario.

The name Saputara means “the abode of serpents”; there is an idol of serpent which is been worshipped and adored by the tribal people during the festive like Holi. The spot is splendid with nature and picturesque, provides a marvelous waterfalls and an exclusive enchanting look on sunrise and sunset would make visitors become poets and poetess naturally. There are boating facilities given in the lake and the garden and the Museum are the places of visit here. The main attraction here is the ‘Pushpak Ropeway’, the longest ropeway in the country and it pulls in children and couples to trip on monsoon seasons. There is a hill resort with hotels, parks, swimming pools, theatres and museum.

Location info:

Address:Satpura hill ,Saputara,Gujarat,India
District: Dang
Nearest City: Ahwa
Langauge: Gujarati,Hindi,English
Best time to visit: April To Early July.


The climate of Saputara is very cozy with a summer temperature of around 27 degree Celsius to 31 degree Celsius where the winter temperature varies from 9 degree Celsius to 20 degree Celsius. The variation of average temperature ranges from 9.2 degree Celsius (Min.) to 30.4 degree Celsius (Max.).


Saputara best known hill resort ,at the height of 875 metres, saputara offers a pleasant climate and panoramic view of lush green Dang forest. The hill station is small enough to be entirely covered by foot.

Interesting things to do:

The Saputara Lake surrounded by greenery makes it pleasurable to sail in the lake in a row or paddle boat.

Interesting things to Visit:

Saputara Lake:
The Saputara Lake is the main attraction of the hill resort. There is a Boat Club here from where you can hire sailboats, paddleboats and rowing boats and enjoy boating in the lake. The Sun Rise and Sun Set Points provide panoramic and varied views of the sun. It also provides a perfect view of Saputara. You can reach Malegaon after a 1.5 km walk in the direction of Waghai. There are several gardens at Saputara like the Lake Garden, the Step Garden and the Rose Garden. These gardens are a perfect place to laze around while on a holiday.


Nageshwar Mahadev Temple:
The Nageshwar Mahadev Temple has the idol of the Lord Shiva. The temple is visited by a lot of people because of its religious sanctity. The museum of Saputara is well-kept museum, which provides the information about the tribes of Dangs. The tribal ornaments and musical instruments are exhibited in the museum. Gira Waterfalls is 52 km away. It is an ideal place for picnic.

Vansda National Park:
Vansda National Park attracts a lot of tourists. It was originally a private forest of the Maharaja of Vansda. It covers an area of 24 sq km and has tigers, leopards, python, four-horned antelope, pangolin, rusty-spotted cats and giant squirrels. The permission from the Chief Wildlife Warden of Gandhinagar or DFO, Ahwa prior to the visit to the park.The Purna Sanctuary is a part of the dense moist deciduous forests in the Western Ghats of Gujarat. It covers an area of 160 sq. km. And is situated at Mahal, which is 60 km north of Dangs. Bamboo lined pathways are provided for the trekkers. Prior permission is needed to visit this park.

Purna Sanctuary:
Covering an area of 160 sq kms, Purna Sanctuary is a part of a dense moist deciduous forest in the Western Ghat of Gujarat. Situated at Mahal, 60 kms, north of Dangs, the sanctuary is crossed by Purna and Gira rivers. There are bamboo lined pathways for trekkers. Prior permission is necessary for visiting.

Sunrise Point:
It is a point which offers the best view of Saputara and adjoining Malegoan could be reached after a walk of 1.5 km in the direction of Waghai. The naming restricts the tourist traffic to this best place as tourists believe that the point should only be visited at sun rise, however, one may visit it at any time of the day to catch a panoramic view. The Tata Consultancy Services has suggested renaming this point as Valley View Point to enhance tourist traffic.

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How to reach?

Nearest Railway Station:Billimora-Waghai railway station
Nearest Airport: Mumbai,airport
Road Transport:Saputara is well connected with the other important destinations of Gujarat and Maharashtra through the State transport and private buses and the nearby railheads

Nearest Visiting places:

Tribal museum:
Being located at the hilly region the space is mostly tribal inherited, during the month of March this region celebrates a week – long tribal fair named Dangs Durbar (one week before Holi festival) sounds great with festival fever through the region. The place of interest is the tribal museum with flair to influence the culture and tradition of various tribal communities to the visitors, tribes like Bhils, Kunbis, Gamits, and Warlis are famously known for their custom and tradition that attract tourist. The weapons and utensils are exhibited gives a quacking looks to the visitors. The Mahadev temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is located here.


Gira Falls:
You find an exuberant picnic location on the way between Saptuara-Waghai roads; on the way up the hills you get a gorgeous look to this waterfall. The best time to attain bliss could be from the months of June to November.

Girmal Falls:
This falls is situated on the Gira River near the Mahal-Singana Road, the spot acquires glamorous outlook during the monsoon seasons. To reach here you need to pass by a journey amidst awesome nature and a tribal village. The area is rich in vegetation with rare and indigenous cultivation; and trekking lovers would really set a record on their miles to trek.

Purna Sanctuary:
This region is crossed by Purna and Gira rivers, the hilly region is set by Bamboo pathway for the support to the trekkers, this 160 sq.km sanctuary is home to wild bulls, elephants, sloth bears, and rhinoceros. The best seasons are November to March.

This spot has some important places of visit though it is small town. The Gira falls situated 1km off the Saputara-Waghai road, the Botanical Garden with various plants from all over India is found here, Unnai Mata Temple and Hot Springs, Vanil Udyog, Vansda National Park and Ambapada which is a typical Dangi village located 1km off the Saputara- Waghai road near the Gira falls.

Nearest Petrol Pump:

Ahwa Petrol pump:Ahwa,Dang,Gujarat,India


Reliance petrol pump:Navapur,Dang,Gujarat,India


Hotel Patang:Saputara,Gujarat,India


Edge hotel:Saputara,Gujarat,India

Hotel Chitrakoot:Saputara,Gujarat,India

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Help Line/Phone Number:

Police Station:100
Nearest Hospital:Dr. Suresh Pawar Civil Hospital:Ahwa,Dang,Gujarat,India
Society/Community Phone Number

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Purna Wildlife Sanctuary
Located in the predominantly tribal district of Dangs, Purna Wildlife Sanctuary, which was declared as a sanctuary in July 1990, has the thickest forest cover in the state of Gujarat. The forests have lofty teak trees rising tall and straight in the company of other associated flora viz. sadad, timru, bamboos, khair, kalam, haldu, sisham rosewood , salai, kadaya, killai, sevan, tanachh etc. The healthy stock of lofty bamboos specially attracts your attention.Leopard is the top predator here whose population has been increasing. The habitat is shared by other animals such as sloth bear, jackal, blue bull, wild boar and four horned antelopes.The sanctuary area of 160.8 sq. km. is spread over an undulating terrain with rolling hills, plateaus, and small valleys of what are the western and northern limits of the Western Ghats. The area is drained by the beautiful river Purna, which lends name to the sanctuary. The area has other rivers and rivulets also....more