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Barda Wildlife Sanctuary- Porbandar


Barda Wildlife Sanctuary is located at about 15 km from Porbandar, which faces Arabian Sea. Barda was a private forest of the ex-princely State of Ranavav (Porbandar) and Jamnagar and, therefore, it is still popularly known as Rana Barda and Jam Barda. Entire area is the reserve forest and had been notified as Sanctuary in the year 1979. The settlement of the area has been completed, but final notification is yet to be issued. The Sanctuary is distributed in two districts i.e. Porbandar and Jamnagar. The hilly terrain with patches of flat plains at places, the crisscrossing of numerous rivulets and streams and existing dams impart a divine look to the forest. One may hardly abstain from thinking that here is the place, where the saints in ancient times must have attained 'moksha', the ultimate liberation. The Sanctuary area is a green oasis, surrounded by agriculture fields, wastelands and forest.


The area supports about 750 'maldhari' families (4000 people) in 68 'nesses'. The agriculture fields and wasteland, where acute water scarcity is experienced during the summer months, surround the forest area. However, this green patch of forest, provides ecological security and environmental stability, since it improves the water regime of the area by recharging the ground water and forming catchment for the minor dams in the Sanctuary.

Located barely at distance of 15 km from the Arabian Sea, the forest is standing as the guard against the salinity ingress in the region. The forest is endowed with very rich floral composition and it was also a home of Asiatic lion in not a distant past. Kileshwar, a temple and camping site developed by 'Jamsaheb' of Jamnagar, is a beautiful site in the heart of the forest. Amongst the mammals ratel, leopard and wolf are threatened. Amongst the reptiles found here, crocodile and chameleon are rare and endangered. Of the four common venomous snakes, three are found here. The avifaunal species also displays high diversity. At least two species of birds, which were found in the Sanctuary, are rare/ endangered, to name a few: Spotted Eagle and Crested Hawk-Eagle.

The Sanctuary hardly has 192.31 sq. km area, but has one of the most diverse floral compositions and therefore a potential source of remedies of many ailments, and therefore deserves to be safeguarded. The terrain of Barda is almost hilly and undulating with an altitude ranging from 79.2 m to 617.8 m. above sea level. At places, there are gentle slopes with exposed rocks. The two main ephemeral rivers are Bileshvary and Joghri. Khambala and Fodara are important dams in the Sanctuary.

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Address:Barda Wildlife Sanctuary ,Porbandar,Gujarat,India
District: Porbandar
Nearest City: Porbandar
Best time to visit: October to March


Summers 23°- 44°C. Winters 10°-36°C


In 1979, the reserve forest of the Barda Wildlife Sanctuary, Porbandar was marked as sanctuary. The Barda Wildlife Sanctuary, Porbandar is dished out between the districts of Porbandar and Jamnagar. You will find hilly terrain, flat plains, number of rivulets, streams and dams in the area that encloses the Barda Wildlife Sanctuary at Gujarat.

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The Kutch Desert Wildlife Sanctuary is inhabited by a wide variety of wild animals like hyenas, foxes, wolves, and chinkaras. Most of the mammals like the Nilgai, Wild Ass and the Black Buck which are seen in the Wild ass Sanctuary are also found here.




  • Leopard
  • hyena
  • wild boar
  • wolf
  • jackal
  • bluebull

The Kutch Desert Wildlife Sanctuary not only houses animals but birds as well. It is famous for being a home to the colorful flamingos in large numbers. Flamingos sporting a riot of rich and vibrant colors of dark red, yellow, blue are to be seen here. In fact the site is called Flamingo City near the Solanki Bet. Also, the reserve houses the White Pelican and the Avocet which have made this their breeding grounds. The Great Indian Bustard, Stolzca's Bushcat, painted sandgrouse, larks, tits, raptors, steppe eagle, tawny eagles and various water-fowls can be seen here.

  • Rare
  • endangered
  • spotted eagle
  • crested hawk eagle
  • alongwith

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Nearest Railway Station:Porbandar railway station
Nearest Airport:Porbandar airport connected mumbai
Road Transport:State transport corporation buses operate to most of the important centers of Gujarat. Private operators have regular luxury bus services to Rajkot, Jamnagar, Ahmedabad, and Junagadh etc. from Porbandar. A bus journey to Mumbai would take over 24 hours and is not recommended.

Nearest Visiting places:

Darbargadh, the fortified palace was built by the Rana Sartanji. This palace has a huge carved stone entrance gate flanked by high turrets and massive wooden doors. It is a typical example of such royal enclosures situated within the town of Gujarat. The nearby edifices on the left of the entrances are also good examples of large mansions with courtyards and intricately carved wooden elements.

Sartanji Choro:
Rana Sartanji built Sartanji Choro, the three storeyed summer pavilion. This palace was built in the Rajput style as a retreat in the middle of the garden. Each side of the garden represent a different reason. The pillars with images of musicians, profusely carved foliated arches and a single dome at the top gives an idea of bygone days, when Rana Sartanji used to compose poems in Braj bhasha, sitting under this pavillion.

Huzoor Palace:
Huzoor Palace is located at the end of Marine Drive, in a huge campus. This sprawling palace is built in the European style with sloping roofs, several wings and big windows, overlooking the sea. The wings are interspersed with the back and front yards which bring nature and the building together by gardens and fountains. The semi-circular porticos with neo-classical pillars, decorated entrance gate and the commanding view makes this palace, a worth visiting place.

This town is located on the coastal region of the Arabian Sea, the sandy beaches welcomes many. The town is familiar through Hindu religions text, it is said that in this place that Krichna had married Rukmini, therefore, the famous fest of Mer community called Chaitra Sud 12 is celebrated every year, the Haveli temple of Madhavraiji and Madhavpur beach are the main attractions. The Javeli temple of Madhavraiji is another attraction, the Bethak of Mahaprabuji as Shri Vallabhachrya who had given discourse on Shrimad Bhagwat for seven days is also situated here.

Kirti Mandir:
Kirti Mandir, or Temple of Fame, is the cenotaph of the Gaekwads, located in the city of Vadodara.It was built by Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad III to perpetuate the glorious memory of his beloved ancestors. The sun, the moon and the earth in bronze with the undivided map of India adorn the shikhar of Kirti Mandir. Kirti Mandir was built in 1936 as part of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations of Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad III.

Porbandar Beach:
Amongst the many un-spoilt beaches of Gujarat is the beach of Porbandar on the southeast coast in between Veraval and Dwarka. As a seaport on the Arabian Sea Porbandar is picture prefect with the many beautiful beaches and beach villas.

Tara Mandir:
Tara is Gujarati for Stars. Tara Mandir houses a planetorium which is among the first two planetoriums started in India by Shri Jawaharlal Nehru. As of day, it lies in shambles and lacks any state-of-the-art exhibit and infrastructure.

Bharat Mandir:
Bharat Mandir is situated in a beautiful garden opposite the Nehru Planetarium, at Porbandar, in Gujarat. The Mandir features several murals depicting great men and religious preceptors of India. There is a huge relief map of India on the floor inside. The building’s pillars are exquisitely garnished with bas-reliefs of over 100 religious figures and legendary persons from Hindu epics. The six distorting mirrors of its verandah’s are much popular among children.

Sudama Mandir:
The Sudama Mandir in Porbandar holds a lot of historic and religious importance. The temple was constructed in reverence to Sudama the childhood friend and devotee of Lord Krishna. A large number of devotees, especially the newly wed Rajasthani Ksahtriya couples, flock to the place every year.The Sudama Mandir is a beautiful shrine dedicated to Sudama, the best friend and devotee of Lord Krishna. The temple, located in the center of the Porbandar city, is said to be the only temple in India dedicated to this ardent devotee of Lord Krishna.

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Wadia Petrol Pump:Porbandar,Gujarat,India


KO Shah &Co. Upleta:Porbandar,Gujarat,India


Hotel Harmony:Porbandar,Gujarat,India,ph:091-286-2244230


Hotel Moon Palace:M.G.Road,Porbandar,Gujarat,India,ph:0286 2241172

The New Oceanic Hotel:Chowpatti,Porbandar,Gujarat,ph:00286 - 2242917

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Police Station:100
Nearest Hospital:
Shreya Hospital & ICU:Uganda Road,Porbandar,Gujarat,India
Sri Rupadiba Lady Hospital:Porbandar,Gujarat,India
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Harshad Mataji Temple
he entire area of Saurashtra in the Gujarat State of India is full of holy temples. Most of the people have a strong and deep faith on such holy temples even in present scientific scenario. This faith provides them with the strength to face the challenges of life and surpass them successfully. One such holy place of pilgrimage is the ancient temple of Harshad Mata, situated at around twenty five miles away from the city of Porbandar in Gujarat State. This temple attracts thousands of tourists every year from all the remote corners of India and even from abroad.....more
Porbandar Beach
Porbandar is between Veraval and Dwarka the beautiful Porbandar beach is located on the Southeast coast of Gujarat, West India. An ancient seaport adds to the glory of the lovely Porbandar beach. Porbandar's claim to fame lies in the fact that Mahatma Gandhi was born in this part of Gujarat, India.The enchanting scene of the vast sea washing the sandy shores and leaving behind colorful shells and other live marine life has attracted many tourists to this beautiful beach of Porbandar. A leisurely stroll on Porbandar beach has the capacity to relax and refresh the mind, body and soul of a person. One can also watch the flamingos and other shore birds or can gaze at the vast landscape from the hills located nearby. Here one can also find the locals busy with fish drying and dhow making.....more